Alexander Tong

51 Prospect St · New Haven, CT · (206) 902-6479 ·

Alex is a second year computer science phd student at Yale University. His research interests are in machine learning and algorithms. Currently, he is working on structuring latent representations using ideas from graph theory and deep learning in the Krishnaswamy Lab advised by Smita Krishnaswamy.

Alex grew up in Seattle, Washington. He completed B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer science from Tufts University in 2017. He splits his spare time between racing sailboats and trail running.


Graph Spectral Regularization for Neural Network Interpretability

Alexander Tong, David van Dijk, Jay S. Stanley III, Matthew Amodio, Guy Wolf, Smita Krishanswamy

Work in the Krishnaswamy Lab using spectral regularization on neural network layers to impose structure between inter-layer structure.

Allocate-On-Use Space Complexity of Shared Memory Algorithms

James Aspnes, Bernhard Haeupler, Alexander Tong, Philipp Woelfel

Work directed by James Aspnes on a new method of measuring space complexity in randomized or adaptive distributed shared memory algorithms. For full text see here

Published DISC 2018

Interpreting Untargeted Metabolomics in Biological Context (Masters Project)

Work on data processing of untargeted mass spectrometry data attempting to build a bayesian model of small molecule interactions in cells.

August 2016 - May 2017

A (failed) attempt at Lung Cancer Detection with Multi-Instance Networks (Kaggle Lung Cancer Challange)

Work attempting to use insights from Multiple instance learning in 3d CT scans.

Spring 2017

Optimal Modular Robot Reconfiguration Algorithms

Extension of existing algorithms using constant block memory constraints.

Spring 2017


Yale University

Phd in Computer Science
August 2017 - Present

New Haven, CT

Tufts University

Masters of Science in Computer Science
August 2015 - May 2017

Medford, MA

Tufts University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Summa Cum Laude)

At Tufts I focused heavily on algorithms and machine learning taking classes like computational geometry, advanced algorithms, statistical pattern recognition, and deep learning for computer vision. I also was a teaching assistant for Cryptography, Algorithms, and Machine Architecture courses.

I was also Co-Captain of the Sailing Team my senior year. Go Jumbos!

August 2013 - May 2017

Medford, MA

Lakeside High School

August 2009 - May 2013

Seattle, WA

Industry Experience

Software Engineering Intern

Xevo Artificial Intelligence Lab

I worked in modifying state of the art Object Detection systems for application to driver assistance in cars.

Summer 2017

Bellevue, WA

Software Engineering Intern

Ab Initio

Ab Initio makes high performance data processing tools. I worked on adding statistics tracking to their existing Hadoop integration.

Summer 2016

Lexington, MA

Software Engineering Intern

Amazon Robotics (formerly Kiva Systems)

I designed and implemented an OpenCV based visual localization algorithm using 2.5D hardware in an Amazon warehouse application.

Summer 2015

North Reading, MA


Tufts University Computer Science

I worked on a small scale Hadoop Map-reduce cluster in an early stage startup looking to put processing power closer to sensors

Summer 2014

Seattle, WA


Away from my studies, I enjoy most of my time outdoors. I am a competitive sailor, and enjoy trail running and backpacking.

When forced indoors, I love a good board game, or moaning about the weather. Fowle Trophy 2017